A wide range of communications and technical documentation service solutions – cost-effectively and smoothly

Multiprint is part of the Multiprint Group, which is provider of printing and archiving services in Finland. Our turnover is approximately MEUR 32, and we employ some 330 people. The main headquarters are located in Turku, and we currently operate in 29 offices in 15 Finnish cities. Our subsidiary company in Estonia is located in Tallinn. We own parts of Koopia Kolm AS located in Tallinn and Copium OOO in St. Petersburg through Copynet Finland.

Through our own network and in cooperation with the International Printers Network IPN, we can distribute materials and print them at the optimal location for the end customer.

Multiprint’s strength lies in speed and reliability

Multiprint’s operations started in 1962, and the group has been growing, developing, and turning over a profit throughout its history. Through several corporate buyouts, we have grown into a chain that covers Finland extensively. Speed and reliability have always been among our strengths. Our current list of references from Finland’s largest companies is extensive, but we are also glad to help consumer customers with their changing requirements.

Business ID: FI 1107576-1

Organisational structure:

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